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How to Prepare for Your In-Home Lifestyle Family Photo Session | Seattle Family Photographer

So you’ve pulled the trigger and are having an in-home mommy and me lifestyle photo session! Now you’re wondering how to prepare! I’ll be sharing some tips on all of the things to think about prior to your photographer arriving at your door!

Lighting for an In-Home Photoshoot

I absolutely love to photograph kids’ spaces (their bedroom/nursery, playrooms, etc) and hopefully there is decent natural light in these spaces but a lot of the time that isn’t the case (hello small Seattle homes)! If there is a part of your house that has better natural light however, that is preferable. Good lighting makes ALL the difference in photographs. I can always take a few snapshots of the kids’ rooms so you have those tangible memories but if the lighting isn’t great, we will do the portraits involving people in the better light. Maybe your kitchen gets amazing light? Let’s bake some cookies or pancakes! Maybe your master bedroom has a big window? Let’s read some stories then jump on the bed! When I first arrive at your home I will take a little tour and find the most optimal space.  A lot of times, moms want to know exactly where I will be shooting so they can prepare their space, in that case and if they’re close I will swing by in advance to scout the location. Or you can take photos and send them to your photographer in advance.

Preparing Your Home for a Photoshoot

To prepare your home for your lifestyle photoshoot you can do as little or as much cleaning as you want! The beauty of lifestyle is that it’s documenting real life. Personally, I don’t like clutter/mess in photos and would want finished photos to show a clean, open space. But maybe that’s not your preference or lifestyle and that’s okay! De-cluttering a bit is always a good idea which can be as easy as grabbing a basket or two and shoving all of the clutter out of the frame. The main tip I have to offer is just to make sure the house is ready prior to your photographer arriving to maximize the time you have for the photoshoot. Any time spent prepping the space while your photographer is there may cut into the actual shooting time and that would be a darn shame!

Preparing Your Kids

Instead of telling your kids that a photographer is coming to your house for a photoshoot, tell them that a nice lady is going to come by with her camera and take some pictures while we play, snuggle, and read (or make cookies, play in the backyard, etc). Since this is a lifestyle mommy and me photo session I will be focusing on the connection between you and your little people just being yourselves! Since these aren’t stiff, formal family photos I wouldn’t worry too much about what to wear. Maybe stay in your jammies! Or let your kids choose their outfits (I promise you that even if you hate their choice in the moment you will look back and laugh at that memory). I mean, a 3 year old in a superhero cape? Your little princess in her Disney dress? Or if it were my son, from age 1-6 he would probably just choose to be just in his diaper or underoos. He never liked to wear clothes and I love that memory of him! As for yourself, just be comfortable and feel good about yourself. If that means a full face of makeup, great! If you’d rather have no make up and a messy bun, that’s great too!

Gather Special Mementos

Since these photos will live on forever, gather the items you want to remember. Maybe a special lovie that your child can’t sleep without, her favorite book, or his special toy that belonged to his grandpa. When she finally gives up that lovie or he outgrows the toys you won’t be AS sad about packing it away since you have the photographs to remember forever.

Pets are Part of the Family Too

And finally, I love furry friends and know how important they are to your family. I love capturing the bond between families and their pets (unless it’s a tarantula or a rat – eeek)! So have Fido and Fifi camera ready as well.

Basically, the best way to prepare for your in home mommy and me photo session is just to be yourself. It will be a fun, lighthearted time for you to play and bond with your children while I capture some lasting memories!