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How To Get Your Home Pinterest-Ready For Your Newborn Lifestyle Photos | Seattle Photographer

“But my home isn’t Pinterest-worthy.”

“My house is too dark.”

“We live in a small apartment/condo.”

These are all things I have heard from parents who have booked an in-home lifestyle newborn photo session. This recent session I’m sharing with you was one of those mamas. I gave her a few tips and when I walked in and saw that window I was in HEAVEN!

Believe it or not, you don’t have to have a big beautiful, sparse house with every nook and cranny photo-worthy! I give my families these three tips to prepare for their in-home lifestyle shoot:

Tip 1. Declutter!

Get a basket (or 2) and declutter! Shove it all in an empty room, bathroom, hallway, or closet! Don’t worry about deep cleaning – just get the stuff out of the way! And only focus on a few key areas: nursery, parent’s bedroom and/or any space with a good window!


Tip 2: Open All The Blinds and Curtains

Let in ALLL the light! You’ll be surprised at how much lighter and brighter your home feels with each window exposed!


Tip 3: White Is Your Friend!

Throw a white sheet or comforter on your bed!  White looks beautiful in photos and against a newborn’s skin. Anything white is a natural light-reflector and will help any space seem lighter, brighter, and bigger than it would otherwise (one reason why I always wear a white t-shirt for indoor shoots)! Take off your ornate duvet or comforter altogether and just expose some white sheets. A bare bed looks better than a bed with dark colors.

That’s it! Three-steps towards a Pinterest-Worthy indoor lifestyle photo session!

I hope these tips help to take the stress off of new parents who are recovering from birth and caring for a newborn with this laid-back approach to prepping for their newborn photos!