Emily Ann Photography FAQs

How should I prepare for my indoor session?

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The first step to prepare for your in-home family photography session is to declutter your space. Secondly, open all of your blinds and curtains to let in all the natural light. Next, remember that white is your friend, anything white is a natural light reflector and looks great against your skin and helps make everything look lighter and brighter. Finally, sit back and enjoy the snuggle time with your family while I take care of the rest.

Can I preview images during the session?

I will occasionally show you some images on the back of my camera, but it's not a full representation of your pictures as half of the work is done post-session. After all, as reported by Eksposure, professional photographers can spend roughly 2-6 hours editing a single photo!

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What if my kids/family/baby aren't cooperative?

Do you provide hair and make-up services?

No, I prefer to photograph the everyday person and make you look the best. I encourage you to do what's best to make yourself feel comfortable during your family photography session!

I have been working with kids of all ages for decades. Family photographers have all of the tips up their sleeves to create authentic and meaningful connections with your family. We play games and have so much fun that they won't even know we're taking photos!

Do you provide the digital files?

Yes, in my full session, clients receive all of the best images from our family and newborn photography session.

When considering what to wear for your session, first consider the client and season. Make sure your family is comfortable and warm. Look for fabrics that move, have texture, and complement your surroundings. Don't forget to accessorize to add visual interest! 

When planning outfits for the whole family, be sure to coordinate and not match. I have written several blog posts and will be sending out a "what to wear" guide when you book a family photography session.

What should I wear?

Do you only shoot during golden hour?

Outdoor sessions happen one hour before sunset to take place during the most beautiful part of the day. As all infant photographers will tell you, gorgeous light is always worth a little adjustment in your routine! If you just don't think that your child will cooperate, a morning indoor session in your home is a great option.

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