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Boho Baby Portraits | Seattle Family Photographer


I’ve been envisioning this shoot for forever! I finally sourced a vintage bassinet on Facebook Marketplace (score)! The man I bought it from said that his grandma, mom, he, and his daughter all used it at one point. How sweet is that?!

I set this up in a little corner of my house and invited this sweet cherub over (she was our old neighbor) to model for me!

This was such a creative outlet for me – from sourcing all of the decor, decorating the bassinet, shopping for the clothes & accessories… all of my favorite things to do!

I just love all of her sweet expressions and my daughter used to do the same thing with her tongue!



Big brother wanted to join in at the end!


Are you interested in a BOHO BABY Shoot for your child?! Please contact me to schedule!