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What to Wear for Your Fall Family Photoshoot | Seattle Family Photographer

One of the most common questions I get after a client books a session is “What should we wear?”

I’m going to share with you a few tips and suggestions for what you should wear for your Fall Photoshoot but keep in mind that this is only my opinion and ultimately I want my families to be comfortable and feel like themselves!

Tip 1: Coordinate – Don’t Match

I’m not a fan of everyone in the family matching with the exact same color. Instead, I suggest going for a similar color palette and mixing up solids and prints, etc.

Tip 2: Stay Away From Neon/Primary Colors/Logos

I am a fan of muted color palettes, soft pinks, yellows, blues, white, and grey. I would suggest staying away from primary colors and neons as they tend to leave a color cast on your skin. I once had a dad wear a bright yellow shirt and it made everyone look like they had neon yellow skin and was a nightmare to edit. Soft colors are much more flattering in pictures.

That being said, there are a few exceptions to this rule! I love a good mustard yellow, rust orange, coral, etc. But use these colors sparingly and as “pops” throughout the family.

Mom, start with yourself!

Moms are usually the ones who book family sessions and I think of them as the star of the show. If mom doesn’t like how she looks in the photos she will not like them, period. You may think it’s all about the kids but let’s be honest, when you see a photo you immediately look at yourself. So moms, I suggest starting with your outfit first! It will probably be the hardest to find, cost the most amount of money, and will take the most time.

I looove when mom wears a flowy dress, skirt, or top. Tips on what to look for: texture, pretty little details, and fabric that drapes and flows. It is extra flattering and movement in photos is my favorite! Here are some of my favorites right now: As you can tell, Mustard is the color of the season, as well as animal print! Do it! Don’t forget the fun accessories (shoes, hat, jewelry)! My favorite stores for great fall clothing:  H&M, Old Navy, Roolee, Nordstrom, Anthropologie.

Time to Dress the Kids!

Once you have decided on your outfit mom, now you can start to pick your kids’ outfits! Again, go for coordinating colors with a mix and match of patterns/solids. My all time favorite shop for kids clothing is Zara. It is so timeless, cute, budget friendly, and fits all of my tips of having texture and sweet little details. Here are some of my favorites! So. Much. Cuteness! You can’t go wrong. Again, just remember the basics: Coordinating colors, texture, movement, and comfort!

Last up is dad!

Men are easy. My only tip is when in doubt, go dressier! I’ve seen some stunning family photos of men in suits on top of mountains! While you may not convince your man to go that far, at the very least go for a collar. Polo, dress shirt, sweater, jacket, etc. And finally, the most important thing you can wear to your family photoshoot is a smile and a good attitude! Be ready to have a fun hour loving on your family and creating tangible memories!