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What to Wear for Your Maternity Photo Session | Seattle Area Photographer

Oh! Maternity photos might be some of my favorites! And mom, you are the STAR of the show! It’s all about you – this is your chance to pamper yourself and do what makes you feel beautiful! Hands down I am on TEAM DRESS for maternity photos! The way a dress forms to your belly, flatters your body, and adds texture/flow to your photos is key! Here are some ideas:

Indoor Maternity Outfit Ideas:

In home Lifestyle Maternity Boudoir Photoshoot pregnant woman in lace robe Emily Ann Photography Seattle Photographer.Collage of Indoor Maternity Photoshoot Lace Robe dancing on bed and looking out window Emily Ann Photography Seattle Photographer.I just love this lace robe/kimono! My client paired this with a simple lace bralette and undies. You can find similar kimonos here. Or if you’re a client of mine, I may have just bought the white and pink to add to my client closet! If you’re not comfortable being as bare underneath, add a simple white slip or dress.

I love that this robe can easily be adapted for outdoors as well – just add a cute dress underneath!

Lifestyle Maternity Photoshoot family at field in Tacoma Fort Steilacoom Emily Ann Photography Seattle Photographer.

Outdoor Maternity Outfit Ideas:

Collage of Outdoor Maternity Photoshoot In Field at Sunset Pink Dress Pregnant Family with little Boy Emily Ann Photography Seattle Photographer

I love how feminine and flowy this dress is. This mama is my spirit animal – PINK! You can find similar comfy maxi maternity dresses on Amazon. Etsy, is also a great starting point!

My main point is to be comfy, feel beautiful, and show off that BUMP!

You can visit my Pinterest What to Wear for Maternity Photography Board to see more inspiration and be taken directly to sources!