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What to Wear for Your Mommy and Me Photoshoot | Emily Ann Photography, Seattle Photographer

One of the most common questions I get asked is:

What should we wear for our Photoshoot?

I have several general guidelines that I will share with you and I’ve also compiled some of my favorite looks from some of my favorite shops to help you get started picking your outfits for your Mommy + Me Photoshoot! None of these rules are hard and fast but more of a guideline to find what best suits your style all while keeping in mind what is most flattering in photos.


My family’s Australian holiday family photoshoot with Alison Cooke Photography

Stick to a Similar Color Palette

When choosing outfits for the whole family I always recommend coordinating instead of matching. Sticking to a similar color palette is a great starting point – with those colors executed through a mix of a few patterns and solids. Maybe you’ll all go for muted colors, neutrals with one pop of a bold color (girls’ dress, mom’s shoes, and boy’s ties/socks?), floral dress for mom with everyone else wearing colors from the pattern, or I’ve even seen black and white executed beautifully. Be careful of too many clashing patterns, or bright bold colors that might give off an unflattering hue to your skin (neons – no thank you)!

Consider Your Home Decor Style

This is an interesting point and one I hadn’t thought of until I heard it suggested recently. My goal is always for families to print and display their photos from our session around their home. You want this art to blend in with your home and reflect your overall style. If you decorate with mostly neutrals then perhaps that’s the way to go with your outfits. If you are a fan of color and have fun pops throughout your home then your colorful outfit will fit in perfectly! Maybe your decor is mostly white – so make sure your photographer edits your favorite photos in black and white as these photos will tie in nicely.

Texture and Movement is the Name of the Game

Because loud patterns and bold colors can be hard to coordinate I always recommend looking for texture in clothing. Look for pretty little details over plain cuts. If everyone is wearing neutrals, you can add interest with the type of fabrics; lace, embroidery, chunky sweaters, and clothing that moves. WOMEN! I can’t stress this enough! You want clothing that flows and will drape adding movement and interest to your photos. Not only does it photography beautifully but it is comfortable and flattering! Think of your inner little girl who wants to dance and twirl! I promise, it can make all the difference!

Here are a few of my favorites from Roolee. Look at all the pretty little details, texture, and flowy fabrics!

Start with Mom’s Outfit

Mom, you may not want to be, but you are the star of the show! Most likely you are the one requesting this Mommy and Me photo session so why not spoil yourself?! I always want to give a little extra love and attention to the mamas because I am one and I know how HARD it is. You want to look back on these photos and love them, so start with your outfit first. We all know finding kids’ clothing is easy – they’re always adorable. So if you start with your outfit first, you have a starting point for narrowing down everyone else. On a budget? Start with your own closet? What do you love that fits the above categories? Want to splurge? Start early and order a few options so you have time to try on/return/exchange if need be. Do you want to be fancy with a dress or more casual with a flowy top and jeans? Leggings with a big chunky sweater? Pick what best fits your style and comfort and go from there.

Here are a few more fun ideas from more favorite shops, Anthropologie, Old Navy, and Pink Blush.

What-to-Wear-for-Mom-and-Me-Photoshoot-for-Mom-Anthropologie-Emily-Ann-Photography-Seattle-Photographer.What-to-Wear-for-Mom-and-Me-Photoshoot-for-Mom-Pink-Old Navy-Emily-Ann-Photography-Seattle-Photographer.What-to-Wear-for-Mom-and-Me-Photoshoot-for-Mom-Pink-Blush-Emily-Ann-Photography-Seattle-Photographer.

Consider the Venue

Will the photos be taking place in your home? Do you want to get dressed up with your little girl for a fancy shoot or be more casual in everyday play clothes? Will the photoshoot take place outside? What will be comfortable based on the weather and environment? Going to the beach? Maybe high heels aren’t the best option. Will it be chilly? Make sure everyone has long sleeves! It’s important to consider all of the little details because if you or your little ones aren’t comfortable it will reflect in your photos and make for a miserable experience. And my final tip regarding location: Because I am based in the Pacific Northwest there is a lot of greenery. If you are going to a location with lots of green (trees, grass, etc) it’s best to avoid green so as not to be camoflauged!

Are you Nursing?

I actually love capturing mama’s breastfeeding their babes (if you are comfortable with it obviously) so it’s important to consider this when choosing your outfit for your Mommy + Me photo session. You obviously want something that will be easy to nurse in and won’t require getting fully unrobed. Roolee and Pink Blush have some great nursing-friendly dresses and tops that will allow you to easily breastfeed while looking beautiful! You can also just google “nursing friendly clothing” for more options.What-to-Wear-for-Mommy-and-Me-Photoshoot-Nursing-Friendly-Roolee-Emily-Ann-Photography-Seattle-Photographer.

What Should the Kids Wear?

Once you have nailed down your outfit mom, it’s now time to think of the kids! Maybe start with asking them what they’d like (if they’re old enough) and always be mindful of your own child and what he/she absolutely won’t tolerate. For instance, when my son was little he was very sensitive to fabrics. He could absolutely not wear wool or basically any clothing with a tag! In addition to this, his clothes had to be skin tight! So I know how much of a struggle dressing your tots can be which is why I want to stress that these are GUIDELINES! Think of your child’s preferences and comfort first! My goal is to capture your love and connection and if they’re grouchy because of an itchy sweater then we probably won’t capture many giggles and kisses. With that in mind, again, feel free to shop their current closet or here are some tried and true brands that I love for kids.

For Girls: Zara has the cutest stuff right now!


Again, think texture, movement, and coordinating colors.

And for boys: Zara and Old Navy are good bets.


The one exception to the no-matching rule, matching mommy and me dresses!

How cute are these matching dresses? Again, from Roolee.


Avoid Logos

Avoid logos if you can! Again, maybe your son is going through a phase where he will only wear his Mickey Mouse shirt he got at Disneyland or your daughter rotates through Hello Kitty and Princess attire. While logos aren’t preferable if they tell a story of who your child is right now, then that’s all part of the fun! Plus, you’ll have a great bargaining chip later in life. 🙂

Don’t forget the accessories!

Think headbands or bows for the little girls, dapper little hats for boys, and don’t forget jewelry and shoes! I love Janie & Jack for accessories and Wunderkin has the cutest bows!

What to Wear for Mommy and Me Photoshoot Accessories Boys Emily Ann Photography Seattle Photographer.jpg What to Wear for Mommy and Me Photoshoot Accessories Girls Emily Ann Photography Seattle PhotographerWhat to Wear for Mommy and Me Photoshoot Accessories Boys Emily Ann Photography Seattle Photographer.jpg What to Wear for Mommy and Me Photoshoot Accessories Girls Emily Ann Photography Seattle Photographer

Now that I’ve Given You Some Suggestions, Do What You Want!

I have provided these guidelines mainly to answer the most common question I get but now I’m going to FLIP it on you and say that at the end of the day, it really doesn’t matter what you wear! Like I said, my sessions are relaxed and fun! I focus on the love and connection between you and your children especially for a Mommy + Me photoshoot. Genuine smiles, a relaxed mama, and a good attitude trump coordinated outfits ALL DAY LONG! Come as you are, come bringing your A-game. It’s all welcome and appreciated! I can’t wait to see what you choose!

*Know of any great shops/brands that you love and want to share? Please leave a comment so I can check them out and share them with my audience!