About Me


Hi! I’m Emily, a family and newborn photographer living and working in the Seattle area.

Coming from a big family with a mom who loved to take pictures, I still remember her shouting at us once a year to “wear something nice, we are going to take a family picture!” No one was happy about it and it just seemed like a huge annoying hassle. We did it, and our toothy grins, giant perms, and sibling elbow jabs were all caught on camera. I love now that my mom took the time to gather everyone together to capture “us” – giving our present selves endearing snapshots of our family together as we grew over the years.

Now as a mom of 2, I spend my days making beautiful photographs for families and documenting their days and special moments. With a background in design and illustration, I love to visually tell the story of who you are when you are together, and create beautiful art you can use to adorn your home.

My sessions are fun, low-key and put your family members at ease.  During your session you can expect to play, laugh, and do a lot of loving on each other! Did I mention I used to be an elementary school teacher? I know how to entertain kids as well as bring out my teacher voice when necessary. 😉

In addition to family photography, I have a true passion for photographing newborns. My work captures the awe, wonder and love you have with your new little human. 100% baby-led, I prioritize the comfort and safety of your baby and have worked with over 100 families at this special moment in their lives.

To get a better sense of my style, please view my portfolio and read my reviews.

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