Six Month Baby Milestone Session – Sink Bath! | Emily Ann Photography, Seattle Photographer

A lot of parents miss out on the newborn photos because, let’s be honest, that is a HECTIC time. But fear not! Six months (or when your baby can sit up on their own) is a perfect time to either hire your first professional photographer or to update your photos of your little one. Six months is such a great age – they are so interactive, smily, and aren’t too afraid of strangers yet

Baby in kitchen sink bath with bubbles on mouth and big blue eyes Emily Ann Photography Seattle Family and Newborn Photographer.I mean, look at those EYES!!!

Want an idea for an adorable six-month baby milestone photo session? How about a kitchen sink bath! I don’t know about you, but my mom has several pictures of bathing us kids in the kitchen sink and there is something so timeless and adorable about it!

See? SO much personality! You don’t need much more than some warm water and BUBBLES!

This happens to be my kitchen, so if you don’t feel like your kitchen is photo worthy I am officially opening up mine as a studio for bath-time minis! Send me an email to inquire!

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